Aviation Legal Consultation

Expertise. Professionalism. Commitment.

As an attorney, I understand the complexities of navigating the breadth of paperwork associated with any aviation venture. From the purchase of an aircraft to the creation of a full fledged charter company, understanding the legal requirements and procedures is essential to saving costs and staving off disaster.

In the years that I have been a litigator, I’ve learned that the most important aspect of any consultative relationship is establishing trust, and appreciating a client’s motivations and interests and treating them as your own. I do more than just give legal advice: I connect with each client, learn their motivations, understand their needs, and fine tune my legal consultative services to meet their specific needs. All of my legal consultative work is done either independently or through Coddington Hicks & Danforth, whose continued mentorship and partnership has brought me many years of success and experience in the aviation industry.

Whether its purchasing your first aircraft, or navigating the unrelenting maze of insurance and operational requirements, I’m here to help.