Aircraft Endorsements & Checkouts

Fly Higher, Faster, and Safer!

Are you tired of cruising at 120 knots true, or wish that you could retract that landing gear and adjust the prop? Well, I can help. I provide endorsements for single engine land high performance and complex airplanes. According to the FAA, a high-performance airplane is defined as an airplane with an engine capable of developing more than 200 horsepower (i.e. 201 horsepower and above). Additionally, a complex airplane is defined as an airplane that has a retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller, including those equipped with an engine control system consisting of a digital computer and associated accessories, such as a full authority digital engine control system (or FADEC).

You require a one-time endorsement safely operate these kinds of highly capable airplanes. Pursuant to 14 CFR 61.31, pilots are required to obtain ground and flight instruction from a certificated flight instructor to obtain these endorsements. The goal of the ground and flight instruction is to verify that you are proficient in the operation of both the airplanes and its associated systems, and have a detailed understanding of how they work. After all, with more systems come greater responsibility and a higher workload, especially considering just how capable these kinds of airplanes are.

Additionally, California Airways requires checkouts for all the aircraft in their fleet, including the Diamond DA-40, C172, Piper Arrow, Piper Warrior, and others. As someone with many hours in these airplanes, I am more than happy to assist you in completing the appropriate checkout.

Time For Completion & Cost

Depending on the pilot, the completion time for each type of airplane (complex, high performance) is approximately 2 hours. It can certainly be less, or it can me more. To save time (and expense), I recommend reviewing the AFM/POH for the type of airplane you are using for your endorsement, and I will certainly guide you through the process and ensure you are safe and proficient in the operation of the airplane and its systems. My hourly rate for both the ground and flight portion of the required endorsement training is $100/hr., and the same rate applies to checkouts.


Endorsement & Checkout Procedure

Ground Instruction
Depending on whether this is for a complex/high performance endorsement or aircraft checkout, the ground session usually lasts about an hour. I walk you through the aircraft’s AFM/POH, give you an overview of the operating procedures, and dive into the aircraft’s systems. I also review the aircraft’s performance and handling characteristics with you, and prepare you for the flight portion.
Flight Instruction
This is the fun part: the airplane. Whether it is a checkout or an endorsement, I walk you through how to safely operate the airplane and put you through your paces. Slow flight, stalls, takeoffs, landings, go-arounds, and some maneuvers will definitely be on the list. You need to know how your airplane behaves, and what makes it different from the airplanes you currently fly. After all, safety is aviation’s number one priority.
Endorsement & Checkout
Once we’re done, the moment of truth arrives: your endorsement and/or checkout. You’ll then be cleared to fly these wonderful airplanes, and that’s when the fun really begins.