Flight Review

Keeping You Safe!

The Flight Review, previously known as the Biennial Flight Review, is a required evaluation that certificated pilots must complete every 24 calendar months. This maintains their certification, and allows pilots to fly as pilot in command and exercise the privileges of their respective certificates. Flight Reviews are custom tailored, and the FAA does not provide a list of required knowledge or maneuvers. According to 14 CFR 61.56, a flight review requires a minimum of 1 of ground training and 1 hour of flight training, and must consist of “[a] review of the current general operating and flight rules of CFR 14 Part 91,” and “[a] review of those maneuvers and procedures that, at the discretion of the person giving the review, are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate.” Thus, each flight review must be individually tailored to each pilot, the type of flying that they conduct, and the kind of aircraft they expect to fly.

My flight reviews emphasize safety, proficiency, and good decision making, with an emphasis on ADM and Risk Management. They are custom tailored to your needs, but also act as a refresher course for you and ensure that you are safe and proficient pilot. After all, your passengers depend on you to fly safe and make the right decisions.

Time For Completion & Cost

The minimum total completion time for a flight review, inclusive of ground and flight instruction, is 2 hours. However, flight reviews typically take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete, and require more time depending on the individual needs of the pilot and the type of aircraft flown. I charge $100/hr for both the ground and flight portion of the flight review, and each flight review is tailored to your individual needs. I can provide flight reviews in single engine land, along with complex and high performance single engine land aircraft.


Flight Review Procedue

Review of the Basics
The first portion of the flight review will consist of a ground review of all of the flight basics that we are pilots are expected to know. Topics include the require review of the general operating and flight rules of part 91, navigation publications, pre- and post-flight procedures, aviation security, cross-country planning (including weight and balance, and performance calculations), weather (ah, the dreaded aviation weather!), emergency procedures, aeromedical factors, stall and wake turbulence awareness, systems, and more. This is expect to take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on your needs and the amount of refresher training you will require.
Flight 'Review'
After we complete our ground session, we go right to the airplane of your choice. We review pre- and post-flight procedures, checklist usage, ADM and SRM, navigation, and run through a few maneuvers, among other items. We review the most common errors that pilots make, and verify that you are a safe and proficient pilot. This portion of the flight review can take up to 2 hours depending on your needs.
Endorsement & Completion
The best thing about a Flight Review is that you cannot fail it: we keep at it until you are safe. I utilize the appropriate ACS/PTS to determine completion standards, and I will continue to work with you to ensure your safety, and the safety of your future passengers. Once the process is complete, I will provide you with your endorsement, and you’ll be cleared to fly for another 24 calendar months.