Flying is more than a profession to me: it is my passion. I looked to the sky for inspiration ever since I could remember, and I flew my first airplane, a Diamond DA-20, at the age of 11. I never looked back. Aviation is such an integral part of my life, and my greatest passion is sharing my passion for flight with others. But I am not just a certificated flight instructor: I am also a practicing aviation attorney. My experiences and background give me the ability to provide a unique instructional experience, combining my years of experience in the law with the knowledge I have gained since my certification as a pilot years ago. This is not just a profession for me: it is a way of life, and the ultimate privilege for me is to take your dreams of becoming a pilot and making it a reality.


I decided to brand my services under the name “Aspire Aeronautica.” I believe that flight instruction should do more than just teach the basics: it should turn aspiring pilots into true aviators, and push each pilot to see their true potential. Professionalism is everything, and my core goal is to help create safe, professional, and proficient pilots.  


I provide various services to my clients, ranging from initial private pilot to advanced commercial pilot training. I also provide complex and high performance endorsements, in addition to complete flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks. 

  • Becoming a pilot is a process, and it does not happen over night. All pilots start here, as a private pilot. The private pilot process can take anywhere between 3 and 6 months, but this is an average. The average cost is $15,000, which is not paid up front. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight experience to become a pilot, but the average is closer to 80.
  • The beautiful thing about flying is that once you try it for the first time, you can’t stop. You want to fly higher, faster, and farther. And: you want to play in the clouds. The instrument rating allows you to do that. This is arguably one of the hardest ratings to achieve because it involves intense training and an in-depth knowledge of aircraft systems. However, there’s nothing you can’t do. While the training is intense, it is the most rewarding. The privilege of being able to break through a cloud layer and see the sky from above is one of the most memorable experiences that a pilot could have. For pilots who want to make a career out of aviation, this rating will likely be a prerequisite, especially for the airlines.
  • Did you ever dream of flying an airliner, or becoming an airline captain? If so, then this is the certificate for you. A commercial pilot certificate allows you to be hired by a certificated operator do what you love and get paid for it. The training is straightforward, but the flying is precise. There will be a lot of ground, a lot of flight maneuvers, and a thorough FAA practical examination. When it’s all done, your career begins, and your airliner, along with your passengers and crew, await you.
  • The FAA requires a Flight Review for all pilots every 24 months, with limited exceptions. I provide custom tailored flight reviews that stress safety, good decision making, and proficiency for each client.
  • We all have busy lives, and many of us do not have the time to keep up with the minimum experience requirements to keep your instrument rating current. My IPCs strategically utilize approved training devices and an aircraft of your choice, and emphasize safety, good decision making, and pilot proficiency.
  • Do you get bored with cruising at 120 knots true, or wish you could retract that landing gear? Well, I can help with that. I offer ground and flight training for complex, and high performance aircraft. I also provide aircraft checkouts to ensure that each client can safely and proficiently operate various aircraft.