Private Pilot Certificate

The Freedom To Fly!

The private pilot certificate is the first certification, and the one that gives each pilot invaluable foundational training on the intricacies of flight. It gives you the freedom to fly provided that you remain in visual flight conditions and are certified for the aircraft that you are operating. It is the ultimate privilege, and one of the greatest accomplishments a person could achieve.

The private pilot certificate requires at least 40 hours of total flight experience, with a minimum of 20 hours of flight instruction. While 40 hours of flight experience is the minimum requirement, many students achieve certification with anywhere between 60 and 80 hours a flight experience. This, however, is not a hard number. Each student learns at their own pace, and the frequency of lessons has a direct impact on how quickly a student becomes proficient in the required maneuvers and knowledge for certification.

How Much Does It Cost?

As with any pilot certification, it is difficult to estimate the cost of a private pilot certificate. However, and on average, a private pilot certificate and the required training will cost around $15-to-$20,000. On average, students obtained certification after three to six months of training. This, as with everything, can vary depending on the commitment of the student and the training schedule.


Training Process

Ground Instruction
Your first few hours of training begin with ground instruction. During these critical sessions, you will learn the fundamentals of flight and how airplanes work. You will also be introduced to the aircraft that you will be flying for your training, and participate in a few introductory flight lessons to get you acquainted with your flying machine. The goal of the initial ground training is to give you the knowledge you need to maximize your use of the aircraft and get the full benefit of this invaluable training tool. This will also prepare you for the required Knowledge Test.
Flight Training
If the ground lessons were fun, this is even fun(er)! You will learn to fly your aircraft, and master the required maneuvers that you must demonstrate during your practical exam. The flight training is broken down into three distinct segments: solo, cross-country, and practical examination preparation. The first priority will be to prepare you for your first solo flight. This is when, as a student, you can start flying by yourself. We will then begin training you to fly “cross-country” flights, and teach you how to navigate and fly between various airports. Lastly, the last three hours of flight instruction are reserved for preparing you for the practical examination.
After the many hours of hard work, which on average is about 60-80 hours of training and experience, you’re ready for the final challenge: the Practical Examination. But, don’t worry: you’ll be ready. I’ll make sure of it. And after you pass, you’ll be granted a private pilot certificate, and the sky will finally be home!